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Why Not Start A Successful Custom T-Shirt Business?

start a custom t-shirt business company with cool graphic designWould you like to start a successful Custom T-Shirt Business? Would you like to use your flair for hip and cool custom t-shirts and convert this creativity into a fledgling business? Would you like to design custom graphics, print them onto high quality t-shirts and deliver them to tens, hundreds, thousands, millions of happy customers? Me too!

I have always been interested in new, cool, eye-catching and trendy custom t-shirt graphics and slogans. I am also an avid wearer of custom t-shirts.

My story so far is this. I started this small custom t-shirt venture in August 2007 as a niche marketing experiment for the Thirty Day Challenge. My blog was set up free of charge thanks to and I started to post blog articles on the subject of custom t-shirts. Once my blog was established on blogger, I signed up for a Spreadshirt affiliate program which resulted in my custom t-shirt blog being delisted by Google. However, I kept on posting and soon it was back in the rankings again.

I added other affiliate links and for my own designs opened an online custom t-shirt shop on Spreadshirt. A very useful link in my custom t-shirt blog is this one to an eBook called “How To Start A T-Shirt Company”. I have another post where I provide details on this product.

Business has been as expected. The custom t-shirt business, although global in nature, is highly competitive with low barriers to entry. Therefore, you will need to keep at it and I believe that if you start you need to be in it for the long run … like I am. I don’t yet have my own domain name, that will come later, but I am making sales now even if it took about four months using this low cost start-up process.

Once you start, you need to ensure good quality products, a high level of customer service and be engaged in the creative design of custom t-shirt graphics. Then keep going. The blogging process is fun and creative in its own right and creating new custom graphics and text for your t-shirts is very rewarding … even better when a customer buys one.

I promote and enjoy all things related to custom t-shirts and I am happy to post comments with links to other custom t-shirt sites (no SPAM) although I would like the linking to be reciprocated! If you have any questions, drop me a comment and feel free to subscribe to my RSS updates from this site.

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