Top 5 Reasons to Design Custom T-shirts

There are certain times where designing custom t-shirts is an excellent idea. It creates lasting memories and serves as a bonding experience for just about any group. Here are the top reasons you should start designing your own order of t-shirts today!


Photo Op

The ability to design custom t-shirts online shows just how far e-commerce has come. You can upload pretty much any design you want (leave the offensive material out). With your group looking sharp in their new t-shirts, hoodies, etc., it’s the perfect time for a photo op. Smile for the camera and create a lasting memory. Just don’t let anyone photobomb.


When people are wearing a shirt with business affiliation they are effectively making themselves walking marketers. It’s a great way to build business awareness and market your product. And you can have fun with it. Here are My Vision Tees we have a top quality graphics design team that can help you with your design. So what are you waiting for? Get those t-shirts for the whole squad.


With our low price guarantee and free shipping on all orders, it makes creating a great t-shirt an affordable option. Have you ever considered selling them as a side business? It’s easy to turn a profit when you are getting the highest quality products and producing high quality custom designs. Feel free to share any success stories.


If you have a large group of people together, My Vision Tees can provide an affordable option to make your event that much more entertaining. Family reunions, vacations, and other outings are perfect for an order of custom t-shirts. You can use any design you want! With everyone rocking the same t-shirt, it will provide an excellent bonding experience for the whole team.


Walking around with a group of your peers in matching t-shirts is always a good time! You’ll get looks from everyone in the area and people will be interested in your cause. My Vision Tees provides free shipping and low prices on all orders, so it’s an inexpensive option to add that custom twist to your next group event.

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