Planning Your Promo Strategy

Promotional products are a great way to increase awareness of your business and to get your information into the hands of customers. If handled correctly, promotional products can also help grow your customer base. However, companies and associations creating promotional campaigns for the first time, or even those that have been putting together campaigns for years, may need to step back and consider what separates a successful campaign from an unsuccessful one.

Don’t begin Without a Strategy

One of the most important parts of a promotional product campaign is having a strategy. Giving away promotional product items without a plan is throwing away an opportunity to do a whole lot more. There are several things to consider when thinking about the purpose of your promotion. What is its goal? Promotional products can serve many purposes; everything from furthering brand awareness to bringing in new customers. When to give items out is also important. If items are being given out at an event you might want to give one to every person who stops by. If not at an event, you can still consider giving away items with a purpose, such as thank you gifts to customers.

Consider the Audience

Which brings us to a second consideration during your campaign: know your audience. It is a fairly safe rule to not incorporate potentially divisive ideas, such as politics, into a promotional product campaign for your organization or business. This can limit your recipient base to individuals who agree with whichever sentiment you have endorsed, and alienate those who disagree or do not wish to display their affiliations. In addition to this, consider the demographics of your customers. If possible learn about the age range, gender, and income range of your most common customers. Knowing this and related information can help you build a more effective campaign.

Find Products to Fit Customer Needs

Once you have looked at your audience demographics, it’s time to consider what sort of promotional items to use. Many groups may choose to stick with classic items, such as pens, pencils, and mini flashlights. These items have remained popular because they are products that are used by almost everyone, and that are easy to share. Something as simple as loaning a pen to a friend can easily pass the name and contact information of a company or organization from one person to another. However, don’t be afraid to use products specifically targeted towards your audience. If you are trying to promote a gym, consider giving out water bottles with your information on it.

Make Your Info Clear

Another thing to consider when deciding on your promotional products is how your company or organization information is presented. If you want to include a design on your product, talk to a designer to make sure that the image will look good on the item. In addition, make sure that your contact information is legible and visible on the item. It you have a great product and a great design, make sure that customers who love it can get a hold of you or your staff. Phone numbers are usually easy to include and give potential customers a quick and painless way to reach you.

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