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Fashion Trends 2017 Spring: Raglan Style T-Shirts

Raglan Tees

The Next Level Tri-Blend Raglan Tee, The Port & Company Raglan Tee

  • Say WHAT? You heard it here first blog followers! Raglan T-shirts—also known as baseball style T-shirts—are both designer and customer favorites this season. You’ll recognize the raglan by its typically contrasting color sleeve and by the way raglan T-shirts are sewn, with diagonal seams that extend from the shirt’s underarm to its collar.
  • Uh, WHY are these shirts trending? Besides the HUGE trend of wearing athletic wear everywhere (see Vogues rules for wearing athletic wear everyday), this particular T-shirt design feels and looks great no matter what size shoulder you have. Custom decorations that include a bit of the sleeve color in the design make these shirts look even more stylish.
  • Just WHO created the first Raglan T-shirt anyway? For those of you who like Trivia, it is believed that trend setting British coat maker Aquascutum originally designed the raglan sleeve for Baron Raglan after he lost his arm in the Battle of Waterloo.
  • So many raglan tee options: WHICH ONE to choose?

The unisex Next Level Tri-blend 6051 Raglan Tee is hands down our fav. It’s extra soft and comfy and looks and feels great wash after wash. For a super budget friendly option choose the Port & Co. PC55RS Raglan Tee. It’s moisture wicking and made with up to 5% recycled polyester from plastic bottles.

Author: Amber Barz

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