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family reunion cruise ship tshirt

At InkMyTee we love a good challenge!!

We were put to the test to create a custom t-shirt design with a nautical theme for a 50th family reunion party. This wasn’t just any 50th family reunion, this family celebrated by booking a cruise!! That’s how it’s done. So, we knew we had to put together a custom design that was as special and memorable as this special occasion.

We came up with this custom nautical design…it was a huge hit! It was printed on Gildan 5000 adult shirts and Gildan 5000B youth shirts. We decided on printed red ink on a navy blue shirt and we added a distress pattern for a slight vintage feel. They even had red scarfs to match! Awesome!

Contact us if you want us to create a t-shirt for your family reunion, church event, sporting event, business or anything else!

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