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Broken Arrow T-Shirt Printing and Embroidery is proud to make Custom T-shirts for Bass Family Farms.

  • What does Bass Farms do for the community?

Bass Family Farms provides locally grown, chemical free vegetables to families in Eastern Iowa. The family farm has also donated more than 20,000 pounds of produce to Eastern Iowa communities.

“We are dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles,” says owner Chris Bass. We are a chemical free farm that offers a community supported agriculture program. We distribute fresh vegetables throughout the growing season to people who buy a share of the program. We prepack boxes of produce that typically contain from five to nine different types of vegetables, such as asparagus, kale, cucumbers, squash, kohlrabi, and many more. We also provide wholesome, healthy, and delicious recipes on our website so people can quickly and easily prepare the food.”

  • How long has Bass Farms been growing vegetables?

Chris, his wife Brenna, and the Bass team have been growing and distributing vegetables for 9 years. To ensure a bumper crop each season, the veggies are grown in irrigated, raised beds.

  • Why was bass Family Farms started?

“In 2008, I started vegetable farming so that I could stay active, eat healthy, and work outdoors. Since then, Bass Farms has become so much more than a weekly box of vegetables. Today, we help educate the community about the benefits of eating healthy including offering agriculture tours and inviting the community to visit our country store and gazebo. Our goal is for everyone in the community to live better and more sustainability.”

Custom T-Shirts for Agriculture

Bass Family Farms loves to share their green thumbs with the community. Here, students plant potatoes.

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